Alexander Brandon Clingman


                      "EARLY ARKANSAS INDIVIDUALIST"
                           by Melinda Ann Cubage

Alexander Brandon Clingman, one of the pioneer settlers of the Glenwood,
Pike County, Arkansas area, was born in 1806 in Huntsville, North Carolina
the son of Peter and Ann (Pointdexter) Clingman. He actually lived next to
the site of the old Bethel Cemetery, Pike County, Arkansas where several of
his children have marked graves. This illustrious family may be traced back
to the mid 1200 A.D.

In 1829, Alexander married his first cousin, Ann Martha Clingman. He
studied medicine in Georgia and commenced his practice in Tennessee.

Dr. Alexander and Ann Martha Clingman came to Clark County, Arkansas in
1834 and stopped first at what is now Hollywood, Arkansas. They were
charter members of the Antioch Church of Christ of Delight, Arkansas. He
was well versed in religion and while not a preacher, he enjoyed debating
about religion and baptized many people in the creek behind his home.

A large family of six boys and three girls were born to Dr. and Mrs.
Clingman. The oldest son was Alexander Michael, also a doctor of medicine.
The second son was a law student. The third son was studying for the
ministry. The fourth hoped to be a doctor. They were all educated by tutors
in the home and the education of each was completed by a year's study in
Arkadelphia. Dr. Clingman's eldest daughter Elizabeth first married a young
Dr. Robinson from North Carolina. After the death of her first husband,
near Mt. Ida, Elizabeth married a Dr. Cross. Elizabeth's daughter Mary
married Jesse Garner of near Amity. Dr. Clingman's second daughter, Jane,
married Dr. Alfred Jones who studied medicine under Dr. Clingman. Dr.
Alfred Jones and Jane (Clingman) Jones are the ancestors of the Jones
family of Jones Valley, Caddo Gap, Arkansas. The youngest daughter Mattie
married Thomas Berry Strickland. Mattie and Jane are buried in the Amity

Dr. Clingman died September 19, 1881 and Mrs. Clingman on September 18,

Sunday Magazine Section of the Arkansas Gazette, January 2, 1944, page 5.
Provided by Russell P. Baker CA, Deputy Director of the Arkansas History
Commission. Malinda Ann Cubage granddaughter of Alexander B. Clingman
lived near Caddo Gap, Arkansas and was 90 years of age at the time this
article was printed.

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