Joseph B. Thomasson

                 Goodspeed 1890


Prof. Joseph B. Thomasson, Murfreesboro, Ark. This prominent and very
successful educator is a native of Heard County, Ga., his birth occurring
two miles west of Franklin, September 3, 1862, and is the son of W.B. and
Mary A. (Stewart) Thomasson, the father a native of South Carolina, and the
mother of New Jersey. Prof. Joseph B. Thomasson was the eighth of ten
children, and was principally reared in Arkansas, receiving his education
in the leading schools of this State. This he improved very materially, by
individual efforts, and when twenty years of age, started in life to battle
for himself. He first engaged in the mercantile business, as a partner in
the store of Thomasson & Bro., at Murfreesboro, and continued thus engaged
for five years. They then discontinued business, and since that time the
Professor has been engaged in teaching school. He has been very successful
in this profession, and is considered one of the best educators and
disciplinarians in the county. He is young, enterprising and energetic, and
full of that push and perseverance that secure success in whatever is
undertaken. He also enjoys the respect and esteem of the entire community
of which he is a valued and honored member. In connection with teaching,
he has also carried on farming, but not to any great extent. In politics he
affiliates with the Democratic party, and takes an active part in all
political matters. He served a year and a half as post-master of
Murfreesboro, and filled that position in a very satisfactory manner. He
also served for some time as deputy clerk of this county. He is a liberal
supporter of all laudable public enterprises, and is what might be termed
as a self-made man.

Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, Chicago,
Nashville and St. Louis: The Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1890, Pike County,
page 342.

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