Minerva Narcissa Eastes

Zachariah Eastes of Virginia was my first ancestor by that name I know
anything of. He married Cely Colwell of Virginia daughter of Edward Colwell
of Brunswick County, Virginia and Tabitha Baxter. Cely's grandparents were
John Colwell of Elizabeth City County, Virginia who married Elizabeth

Zachariah and Cely Eastes had Colwell, Baxter, and Miles. Miles Eastes who
died about 1810 married Prudence Isabella Morris born in 1783 and died in
1851 in Texas. They had Russell Eastes born September 19, 1805 died 1848 in
Waldron, Arkansas. Russell married Maria Sorrels who was born in 1809 in
Georgia and died in 1859.

Maria Sorrels was the daughter of George Washington Sorrels a Revolutionary
soldier born in 1785 and died in 1855. He married Mary Chambers in 1803 who
was born in 1790 and died in 1868. Maria was the granddaughter of Samuel
Sorrels, Revolutionary soldier, born in 1753 and died in 1811. He married
in 1772 Miss Newberry who was born in 1756 and died in 1810 in Georgia.

Russell Eastes and Maria had Minerva Narcissa Eastes my pioneer ancestor of
Arkansas. Russell and Maria Eastes moved to (Scott County) Arkansas in
1835. Minerva Narcissa Eastes married George Walker Reed who was born
January 22, 1819 in Alabama and died January 1, 1893 in Arkadelphia,
Arkansas. They were married in 1848 at Waldron, Arkansas. Minerva Narcissa
Eastes and her husband George Walker Reed had the following children: Julia
and Mattie Edith.

Julia Reed married Captain A.E. Habicht of St. Louis, Missouri. Captain
Habicht served in the Union Army during the war between the states.

The pioneer home of Minerva Narcissa Eastes Reed was a beautiful old place
at Waldron, Arkansas. The home of the Reed family located in Arkadelphia,
Arkansas was built in the old southern style, Colonial, and was a replica
of "Rosemary" a beautiful southern mansion in Natchez, Mississippi.

George Walker Reed the husband of Minerva Narcissa Eastes was the son of
Blinco Wadsworth Reed born 1785 and died after 1850. He married Marjorie
Ann Ellis in 1818 who died in 1838 and is buried eighteen miles from
Centerville, Tennessee.

George W. Reed's grandfather William Reed was a Revolutionary soldier who
died in 1794. He married Elizabeth Walker who was born in 1776 and died in
1826. Her ... father was a Revolutionary soldier, Captain George Walker,
who was born in 1745 and died in 1833. He married Elinor Hicks in 1767 who
was born in 1752.

Julia Reed the daughter of Minerva Narcissa Eastes and George Reed had a
daughter by Captain A.E. Habicht, Perle Minatred Habicht, who married R.B.
Parrott. Perle and R.B. Parrot had one daughter, Helen, who married Carston
Hitch II. Helen and Carston had one son, Carston Hitch III.

                              Perle M. Parrott

Arkansas Pioneers, Arkansas Pioneer Association of Hot Springs, Arkansas,
page 25-26.

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