Moses K. Brock


                           Hon. Moses K. Brock

Hon. Moses K. Brock, of Pike county, is a native of Tennessee, and moved
with his parents to Pike county, Ark., in 1850 at the age of ten years. He
was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools of his county. He
volunteered as a soldier in the Confederate army on the 2d day of July in
1865, and was in prison at Johnson's Island when the war closed. He is a
married man and the father of twelve children, eight of whom are living.
Mr. Brock is the author of the following bills: A bill to reimburse county
officers for selling school lands which passed the house. A bill to raise
the salary of the county judge of Pike County from $300 to $400. A bill to
change the time of collecting taxes from January to October. He supported
the Collins bill to tax the cash surrender value of life insurance
policies; the bill for state uniformity of text books; the railroad
commission bill and the fellow-servant bill. Mr. Brock is a valuable member
of the house and is always present to answer every roll call.

Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Arkansas, no date, circa 1899-1901.

           Arkansas History Commission - Biographical Memoranda
            (Collected in pursuance of Act No. 353, Acts 1911)

Full Name: Moses Kilbern Brock

Address: Bigelow, Ark.

Birth: Sept. 13, 1840, Grainger Co., Tenn. Lived at Powder Springs Gap,
East Tenn. His father, Moses Brock born 1803.

Remarks on Ancestry: My great grandfather came from England & settled in
Halifax Co., Va. & his son George Brock, my grandfather, settled in
Grainger Co., East Tenn., was a Revolutionary Soldier, he lived to be about
103 years old & died in 1870 & grandmother lived to be 98 years. My father
was Moses Brock.

Education: I was educated in Common Schools of the Co. in which I live(d).
Was 10 years old when moved to Pike Co., Ark.

Occupation: Farmer

Justice of the Peace, Pike Co., Ark. from 1882 to 1884, was member of
Legislature from 1899 to 1901. Was 3rd Lt. Co. "G" 4th Ark. Reg., 1862.

                   Confederate Military Service Memoranda

Full Name: Moses Kilbern Brock, Bigelow, Perry Co., Ark., 3rd Lt. in Co.,
"G" 4th Ark. Infantry, D.H. Reynold's Brigade. The original Pike Co. Blues
Co., "G" 4th Ark. Regiment, McIntosh Brigade. (Originated) Pike Co., Ark.
at Muphresburough (Murfreesboro). Officer Rec. Co. into Service: McRae.

Place and Date of Enlistment, Length of Active Service, Parole:
Murphresboro (Murfreesboro) (Arkansas), July 20, 1861, four years. Paroled
near Sandusky City, Ohio, July 16, 1865.

Regiment to which Company was assigned, when, where, Infantry or Cavalry:
Fourth Ark. Infantry, 1861, Benton Co., Ark.

Names of Regiment Officers 1861-1865. Col. E.N. McNair, George May, Lt.
Col., Adj. H.G. Bouie (sic).

Original strength of Company, names of Private Soldiers which are
remembered accurately, Officers of Co. "G" 4th Ark. Infantry: Captain Frank
Black, 1st Lieut. W.B. Gould, and Lieut. J.N. McCollum, 3rd Lieut. H.C.
Polk. Privates, W.D. Alford, John Alford, James Alford, Andy Alford, B.D.
Brock, G.W. Brock, M.K. Brock, G.R. Brock, W.E. Bolt., Wm. Brewer, Calvert
Brewer, Luther Brewer, Sale Barnes, Tom Bean, John Clarke, John Cosby, J.B.
Coker, Leonard C. Floyd, John Carpener, A.J. Craig, James Davis, Richard
Davis, Francis Davis, O.K. Garner, Carl Huddleston, Tom Haynes, Eli
Carroll, J.H. Haynes.

List of Battles in which Company engaged, killed, wounded and captured in
each, strength of Company when paroled, incidents of camp life or
battlefield or gallantry, heroism or other data of interest: The first
engagement, Pea Ridge, Ark. McIntosh & McCollum were killed in the Battle
of Pea Ridge. The Command was then transferred to the Eastern Department.
The first engagement in the Eastern Departent was at Farmington, Miss. The
next was at Richmond, Kentucky. The next three days engagement was at
Murphresbourough (Murfreesboro), Tenn. & (next) Jackson, Miss. Three days
Chicamauga, Ga., the general engagement from Missionary Ridge to and around
Atlanta, Ga., the Battle of Franklin, Tenn. Two days at Nashville, Tenn.
under J.B. Hood. I was captured & imprisoned at Johnston's Island, near San
Dusky City where I was released July 16th 1865.

Political party, official position, committee work: Democratic Party,
served as Chairman of the Co. Central Committee six years.

Church connection with official position, if any: M.E. Church South,
Steward for 25 years, Pike Co., Ark.

If a member of the Masons, Odd Fellows, or other secret order, give names
with official position, if any: Member of the Odd Fellows, was Pastor of
the Chairs to Noble Grand.

Maiden Name in full of the subject's wife with date and place of marriage:
Sarah Jane Reed, married Oct. 25th 1865 in Pike Co., Ark., who was the
daughter of John and Mary Reed who lived at Antoine, Pike Co., Ark.

Give also other and full particulars of wife's ancestry as far as possible:
Her grandfather George Reed moved from Gwinnett Co., Ga. to Pike Co., Ark.
in 1856.

Miscellaneous. Add here any facts not embraced in the foregoing enquiries,
as reform movements instituted by, influence on affairs, etc., so that this
blank will contain all necessary facts for a full sketch: When I enlisted
at Murphresborough (Murfreesboro) Pike Co., there were one hundred men,
rank & file & at the surrender there were only four men, which were: Ira
Webb, E.K. Garner, James McGhee & M.K. Brock, the others having been killed
& wounded, died & deserted.

                                 M.K. Brock

I, J.J. McClure, Assessor of Perry Co., Ark., hereby certify under sanction
of my official oath, that the above is a true & correct copy of the
original memoranda prepared by me.

Dated Sept. 18th 1918.          J.J. McClure

Confederate Biographical Memoranda, Moses Kilbern Brock, pages 146-147.
Arkansas History Commission, Little Rock, Arkansas. Transcript by Billie
Wyrick Kennerly, Houston, Texas, edited.

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