Caswell B. Willett

Caswell B. Willett, farmer, Murfreesboro, Ark. Mr. Willett is recognized as  
a careful, energetic agriculturist of this community, and by his advanced    
ideas and progressive habits has done no little for the farming interests    
hereabouts. Originally from Chatham County, N.C., where his birth occurred   
on June 10, 1830, he is the seventh of twelve children born to Charles and   
E.E. (Thomas) Willett, both of whom were natives of Chatham County, N.C. The 
parents left that county and moved to Monroe County, Ga., in 1833, and there 
passed the remainder of their days, the mother dying in 1840, and the father 
in 1866, at the age of sixty-six years. The father was a man of prominence,  
and at different times was engaged in various occupations, which brought him 
in considerable wealth. Caswell B. Willett was reared in Georgia, and        
received but a limited education in the common schools. After the death of   
his mother, which occurred when he was but a small child, he was taken by    
his grandmother and an uncle, with whom he remained until grown. At the age  
of twenty years he commenced working for himself as a farmer, and was        
married, first, in 1850, to Miss Emeline Martin, a native of Georgia, and    
the daughter of Henry Martin, who was born in South Carolina. To Mr. and     
Mrs. Willett were born nine children, seven now living, and all residing in  
Pike County: Charley H., Louisa F., Fannie, Robert C., William S., Emeline   
and Ancil G. All these children are married, with the exception of William   
S. and Ancil G., the former of whim is living near Murfreesboro, and the     
latter with his father. Louisa F. was married, in 1874, to F.P. Hughes, a    
successful farmer of Pike County; Fannie married, in 1881, Mr. J.W. West, a  
farmer of the county, and Emeline married, in 1884, C.A. Watson, a farmer of 
the county. Mrs. Willett died on July 26, 1866, and Mr. Willett was married, 
in 1870, to Miss Mary A. Kolb, a native of Georgia, and the daughter of      
Harmon Kolb. This marriage resulted in the birth of one child, Edgar S., who 
is residing with his parents. During the late (Civil) war, Mr. Willett       
enlisted as a  private in the Confederate army in July 1862, and was in the  
Chatham Flying Artillery. He was discharged on the 6th day of December of    
the same year, on account of physical disability. In 1864 he enlisted in     
Capt. Sharp's battalion, in which he served until the close of the war. He   
was in numerous skirmishes, although in no general engagements. In 1877 he   
moved  from Georgia to Howard County, Ark., and settled permanently in Pike  
County in 1878. There he now resides on his farm of 200 acres, sixty-five    
acres under cultivation, and his principal crops are corn and cotton. Mr.    
Willett is a member of the Farmer's Union, which he joined in 1889, and of   
which he is president. He was first elected school director in 1883, and has 
since served with the exception of 1884 and 1886, when he filled the         
position of justice of the peace. He is a Democrat, but is not active        
politically. He and Mrs. Willett are members of the Methodist Episcopal      
Church, South.                                                               
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, 1890, Pike County, 
County, page 345.                                                            
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