John C. Warren

John C. Warren, farmer and justice of the peace of Thompson Township,        
Bingen, Ark. Mr. Warren was born in Tennessee in 1852, to the marriage of    
Felix J. and Eliza (Clark) Warren, natives of that State, and was the third  
of six children. His parents resided in the above mentioned State until      
1860, when they went to Texas, and after a residence there of four years,    
returned to Pike County, Ark., where they have since made their home. John   
C. Warren passed his boyhood days in assisting on the farm, and in attending 
the common schools of the county, until the age of twenty-one years, when he 
began farming for himself. He was married in 1876 to Miss Bettie Thompson,   
a native of Tennessee, but who came to Arkansas in her infancy. Mr. Warren   
bought his present farm in 1879, a fine tract of 120 acres, with 50 acres    
under cultivation, and on this he has erected good buildings, etc. He has    
a good orchard of some of the best variety of peaches in the locality, and   
in fact has as good a farm as is to be had in the county. His land yields    
readily 1,200 pounds of cotton, and about 30 bushels of corn. He does a      
general farming, principally cotton, and is somewhat engaged in              
stock-raising, being the owner at the present time of perhaps the best colt  
ever raised in the county. It is two years old, fifteen hands high and       
weighs over 1,000. It took the premium at the Murfreesboro stock show. Mr.   
Warren has been quite active in politics, and votes with the Democratic      
party. The family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church (Mr. Warren  
having been a member many years), and are respected and esteemed throughout  
the county. To the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Warren were born five children,  
all of whom are living - Morris, Charles, Elbert, Erma and Thomas Otis. Mr.  
Warren is a good farmer and a careful business man.                          
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, 1890, Pike County, 
page 343.                                                                    
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