Thomas B. Stevens

Thomas B. Stevens, ex-county judge, Star of the West, Ark. The leading       
characteristics of Mr. Stevens indicate him to be a man of unswerving        
integrity and one well informed and universally esteemed - a man who has     
been tried but not found wanting, and one capable of discharging his         
official and private duties with competency. He was born in Dade County,     
Ga., September 8, 1847, and was the eldest of nine children, the result of   
the union of T.R. and Margaret (Forrester) Stevens, the father a native of   
South Carolina, and the mother of Warren County, Tenn. The parents were      
married in Georgia, October 22, 1846, and in 1849 they moved to Arkansas     
where they resided two years in Hempstead County. They then moved to Pike    
County, and there they reside at the present time. The father is a           
Republican in politics and served as justice of the peace in this county     
several terms. They are also members of the Primitive Baptist Church. Thomas
B. Stevens grew to manhood in Pike County, Ark., received a fair education,  
and at the age of twenty years commence for himself as a tiller of the soil, 
which occupation he has successfully carried on ever since. He is at present 
the owner of 240 acres of land, with about sixty acres under cultivation,    
and is one of the representative men of the county. In September, 1867, his  
nuptials to Miss Margaret Hendricks were celebrated, and resulted in the     
birth of seven children, six of whom are living: Margaret A.S., Octavia A.,  
Jose (sp) E., Cansada C., Dolphus L., and Loda B., all residing with their   
parents except Margaret A.S., who married in 1887, to Mr. Willis W. Rodgers, 
who is a farmer in this county. Mr. Stevens was elected magistrate, in 1880, 
and served for two terms. He was also elected county judge in 1884, and held 
that position for one term. He is active in his political views and is a     
Republican. He and Mrs. Stevens are members of the Primitive Baptist Church, 
to which they attached themselves a number of years ago.                     
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, 1890, Pike County, 
pages 337-338.                                                               
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