John T. Hipp

Goodspeed 1890


John T. Hipp was born in Laurens District, S.C., January 17, 1843. His
father, Samuel Hipp, and his mother, Meeky East, were both natives of
South Carolina. The former died in 1845. He was a mechanic by trade. The
mother with her five little children remained there until 1857, when she
moved to Pike County, Ark. remaining in this locality until the (Civil)
war. W.A, the oldest then enlisted in the Sixteenth Arkansas Volunteers,
under Gen. Price, and was in the battles at Corinth and Port Hudson, where
he was captured; he served until the surrender on this side (west) of the
Mississippi River. He married a Miss (Mary) Covington in 1867, and died in
1882. James P. married a Miss (Clarinda) Couch in 1861. He enlisted in the
Nineteenth Arkansas Volunteers, in January 1862, and was captured at
Arkansas Post, January 11, 1863, being carried to Camp Douglas, Ill.; he
was exchanged at City Point, Va., and died at Petersburg, in June 1863.
Mary E. married Joseph Baird, in 1864. She is still living. John T.
enlisted in (the) Nineteenth Arkansas Volunteers, at the age of nineteen,
was wounded and captured at Arkansas Post, January 11, 1863, and carried to
St. Louis, Mo. He was exchanged at City Point, Va., in June 1863, and was
in the Army of ... Tennessee (confederates) the rest of the war. He took
part in the battles of Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Resaca, New Hope,
Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Franklin and Nashville, having been
in Pat Cleburne's division of Hardee's corps. Returning to Arkansas after
the war, Mr. Hipp was married, November 25, 1869, to Miss Lucinda F.
Dickson, a daughter of (Sion B.) and Elizabeth Dickson. They have four
children: The eldest (name not indicated) was born September 5, 1870 and
died August 13, 1889, James Olin (was born April 20, 1872 and died October
5, 1882), Fannie E. (was born August 25, 1880 and died October 17, 1881),
John Noel (was born November 25, 1885). Mrs. Hipp is a member of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Mr. Hipp is a farmer, and owns his farm
free from all indebtedness. He has never bought a bushel of corn, nor a
pound of meat since his marriage, always having sold more (than) less every
year. He is a Democrat, and believes in an honest and a free government.
His youngest brother, Samuel F., first married Miss Sebell French; she
died, and he then married Miss Nancy Davis. They are living in this county.
Mr. Hipp's mother died in January, 1873. She was a Christian of the purest
type, and belonged to the Methodist Church, South.

Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, (Chicago,
Nashville and St. Louis): The Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1890, Pike County,
page 329-330.

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