Isaac Cooley

Isaac Cooley, farmer, Bingen, Ark. The county of Pike, already one of the    
best in the State of Arkansas, would indeed be still much better off if it   
had more citizens with characteristics similar to those possessed by Mr.     
Cooley. A native of White County, Tenn., where his birth occurred on May     
19, 1823, his career from the time of his settlement here, and, indeed from  
commencing life, was one of only hard work, strict economy, and an           
intelligent application to the details of his various branches of business.  
He is the eldest of eight children born to William and Sarah (Hudson)        
Cooley, natives of South Carolina. The parents moved to Tennessee in 1815,   
resided in that State until 1845, and then moved to Hempstead County, Ark.,  
where they made their home until 1855. They then moved to Pike County, and   
there settled permanently. The father died in 1876 at the age of             
seventy-four year, nd the mother died in 1877 at the age of seventy-nine     
years. Isaac Cooley was reared in Tennessee, obtained a limited education in 
the common schools, and commenced for himself at the age of twenty years.    
He started out as an agriculturist, and this has since been his principal    
occupation. He is the owner of 115 acres of land with about fifty acres      
under cultivation, and this yields an average crop. He was first married in  
1848 to Miss Linnie E.D. Rodgers of Kentucky, and the daughter of John and   
Sarah W. Rodgers, who moved to this State from Kentucky in 1839. Mr. Rodgers 
was a farmer, and owned a great amount of land in Pike County. To Mr. and    
Mrs. Cooley were born nine children, six now living, all married, and all    
residing in this State. They are named as follows: John R., William T.,      
Jefferson D., Sarah F., Elvira T. and Irene J. Sarah F. was married in 1869  
to Mr. E.K. McLaughlin, a farmer, who died about 1879. Her second husband    
was John Duncan, who resides in Pike County. They were married in 1881.      
Elvira T. married in 1872, Mr. R.B. Thompson, a farmer residing in Pike      
County. Irene J. married in 1885, Mr. Monroe Cox, a farmer residing in       
Sevier County. Mr. Cooley's second marriage was in 1887, to Sarah J. Warren, 
of Tennessee, and daughter of Felix and Eliza Warren, who moved to this      
State from Tennessee in 1861. Mr. Cooley is a member of the Masonic          
fraternity, which he joined in 1862, and is a Master Mason. He and most of   
his family are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. In his      
political views he adheres to the Democratic party, has held the office of   
magistrate of Brewer Township several terms, and also served one term as     
county judge of Pike County. He enlisted as a private in the Confederate     
army in 1864, and served west of the Mississippi River. He was in the        
Missouri raid and participated in numerous skirmishes, but was in no         
important battles. He is a liberal supporter of all laudable enterprises,    
and a worthy citizen in every particular.                                    
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, 1890, Pike County, 
pages 322-323.                                                               
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