John S. Kelley

John S. Kelley, a merchant and planter of Murfreesboro, is a native of Pike  
County, born Jauary 8, 1849. His grandfather, Elijah Kelley, was engaged in  
farming and preaching the word of God for sixty years. He emigrated from     
Tennessee to Illinois, and in 1815 moved to Arkansas, locating in Pike,      
where he resumed farming. He was among the first men who represented this    
county in the State Legislature. He served as county judge for a number of   
years, and died in 1884. Both he and wife were members of the Christian      
Church, and Mr. Kelley organized the first church (Christian) in Pike        
County. His son, the father of the subject of this sketch, was born in Pike  
County, in 1827, and married Miss Priscilla Dickson, in 1847. To this union  
were born nine children - six boys and three girls. He was a planter by      
occupation, in which vocation he continued until his death, in 1883; his     
wife is still residing on the old home place. Mr. Kelley, Sr., was a member  
of th Masonic fraternity, Pike Lodge No. 91. Bith he and wife were earnest   
members of the Christian Church. The subject of this sketch was reared and   
education in Pike County, where he attended the private schools, and at the  
age of twenty-eight started in life as a planter. In 1885 he commenced       
merchandising with a capital of $600, and now has a capital of $5,000        
invested. In 1878 he married Miss Amanda Davis a native of Tennessee. Both   
Mr. and Mrs. Kelley are worthy members of the Christian Church, and take a   
deep interest in religious matters.                                          
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, 1890, Pike         
County, page 330.                                                            
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