William Brown

A grandson of William Brown of Pike County, Arkansas a Revolutionary War     
William Brown, farmer and son of Levi and Mary (Oden) Brown, was born in     
Lincoln County, Mo., where he is now living, in June 1836. The father was    
born in Cocke County, Tenn., in 1796 and the mother in Barren County, Ky.,   
she being a little older than her husband. He came to Lincoln County in      
1815, and she to St. Charles County a few years before, and lived for some   
time in a fort. After their marriage, in 1829, they settled in Lincoln       
County, and here spent the balance of their days. He was a mechanic, making  
spinning wheels, coffins or whatever the early settlers needed, though at    
the same time he carried on farming. He died in 1881 and she in 1877. He was 
a Democrat previous to the war and afterwards a Republican. In their family  
were five children, of whom two sons and one daughter are now living. The    
grandfather, William Brown, fought in the Revolutionary War. William Brown,  
the subject of this sketch, was reared on a farm and received little or no   
education. He lived with and cared for his parents until their death. In     
1858 he married Miss Nancy E. Williams, daughter of John P. and Mary         
(Hatfield) Williams, who were the parents of four daughters, of whom Mrs.    
Brown is the youngest. The fruits of Mr. Brown's marriage were two children, 
John L. (deceased) and Levi. Since his marriage Mr. Brown has lived on his   
fine farm, consisting of 222 acres all well cultivated; besides this he has  
ample means on interest. He has been a resident of Lincoln County for the    
past fifty-two years, and has never been on a train or a steamboat. For      
about three years during the war he belonged to the militia.                 
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