Joseph W. Alford

                           Judge Joseph W. Alford                            
Judge Joseph W. Alford, a representative of the Hot Springs bar, who since   
1914 has engaged in practice in this city, was born on a plantation near     
Murfreesboro, Pike county, Arkansas, May 14, 1857, and is a son of Madison   
Alford, who was a native of Alabama and who was a veteran of the Mexican     
war. He became a Methodist minister and for many years resided in Texas,     
from which state he removed to Arkansas in pioneer times, settling in Pike   
county. He and four of his sons were in the Confederate army during the      
Civil war and following the close of hostilities he returned to the          
plantation, devoting his attention to the management thereof and in the      
active work of the ministry. He was a slave owner prior to the war and one   
of his slaves remained with him throughout the entire war period and         
continued with the family to the time of his death. Madison Alford died at   
the age of seventy years.                                                    
Judge Alford, of this review, was a lad of but fourteen years at the time of 
the outbreak of the Civil war and he worked in the fields while his older    
brothers were in the service, having the entire management of the            
plantation. He was educated in the public schools and he remained on the     
farm until 1881, when at the age of twenty-four years he came to Hot         
Springs. Here he assisted in laying the first water and gas mains of the     
city. Soon afterward he was elected to the office of constable and while     
serving in that capacity he devoted his leisure hours to the study of law,   
being admitted to the bar in 1914. He at once entered upon the active        
practice of his profession and has since served as justice of the peace and  
notary public. He is a lawyer of ability, carefully and systematically       
preparing his cases and presenting his cause with clearness and force in the 
When but eighteen years of age Judge Alford was married to Miss Nancy        
Higgins, who was born and reared in his home neighborhood, their             
acquaintance dating from early childhood. They have become parents of five   
children, three daughters and two sons. Judge Alford is a Mason and has      
attained the Knights Templar degree of the York Rite, exemplifying at all    
times in his life the beneficent spirit and high principles of the order.    
Centennial History of Arkansas, 1933, Dallas T. Herndon, Volume 3, page 433. 
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