Oliver Brewer



In the year 1819 Oliver Brewer came to the Three Forks of the Little
Missouri from the then Territory of Missouri, settled on what was known as
the Island, and lived there many years. He had numerous children. One of
them, Henry, married a Miss Hughitt (Huitt), whose parents were among the
very early settlers. Henry Brewer was several times sheriff of Pike county.
He was a successful farmer and one of the very best of men. While he was
not endowed with a great amount of school education, he possessed
extraordinary good sense and was generally well informed. His motto in life
was to pay his debts promptly and owe no man anything. At the beginning of
the war he was one of the richest men in the county, his possession
consisting largely of slaves. He died in 1876 being then about (75) years
of age. Henry Brewer was eminently a good man and a useful citizen. He was
honest as the days are long, charitable, kind-hearted and always ready to
aid the needy and distressed. Several of his descendants are still living
in Pike county.

The Whites, the Kelleys and the Brewers were all connected by marriage, and
exercised a controlling influence in the affairs of Pike county. Any public
improvement they agreed upon was certain to be carried forward, and any man
they supported for office was sure of his election and calling. They
practically dominated the county, but their rule was a mild one, and
redounded to the public good.

                              S.H. Williams

271 Franklin St., Chicago
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