Benjamin J. Roberson



Benjamin J. Roberson came to Arkansas ... and settled in the Mine Creek
country. Subsequently he married a daughter of (Robert) Messer who was the
first settler at the locality where Centre Point now stands. Roberson
assisted Messer in making the pioneer settlement there, and with his hands
split the rails for the fence that enclosed the first calf lot built in
Centre Point. He lived a great many years in Pike county, until cut off and
thrown into Howard by the creation of the latter county. He was a plain,
unassuming, unpretentious man of great good sense and had the universal
respect and good will of his neighbors. He was industrious and reasonably
successful in life, and owned a number of slaves before the war. Regularly
every two years he was elected Justice of the Peace, until finally he grew
tired of the office, after a countinous service of about twenty years, and
declined to serve any longer. He is still living, I believe. He has been a
consistent member of the Methodist church for nearly fifty years. He is the
father of Dr. R.F. Roberson, late County and Probate Judge of Hempstead,
whom everyone in the county knows to be a good, honest, God-fearing man and
useful citizen.

                              S.H. Williams

271 Franklin St., Chicago
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