A. Biggs & J.H. Horne


                              Old Men of Pike.

Eds. Standard: Dr. A. Biggs was born December 10, 1802. He came to Arkansas
in 1850, and settled in the north part of Clark county, where the thriving
little town of Amity now stands. He will have been a preacher of the gospel
for fifty-six years this September next coming. He is a minister in the
true since of the word, having a clear-head and possessing noble principle,
and though in his 81st year, his mind is vigorous and fresh, and he
preaches with power.
Mr. J.H. Horne was born in South Carolina in the year 1793, and is now in
his ninetieth year. He has a son living who is in his seventieth year. He
is very feeble and will not live much longer. I learn he is, and has been
for many years, a member of the Baptist church, and he has the hope that if
he die, yet shall he live again.

                               Geo. W. Logan

Murfreesboro, May 28th (1883).

Southern Standard, Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Newspaper item provided by Alan
B. Syler.

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