Dempsey Hill & Levi Miller


                              Old Men of Pike.

Eds. Standard: Mr. Dempsey Hill was born in North Carolina in the year 1801,
and is now in his eighty-third year. He came to Arkansas in 1845. He rides
on horse back from his home in the northwest part of Pike county to
Murfreesboro, a distance of twenty-five miles, attends to his business and
returns home without any inconvenience, etc.

Mr. Levi Miller was born in the same state near Tar river; I don't know
whether above or below the Bum. He also came to Arkansas in 1848, and is
now in his eighty-third year. Mr. Miller has eighty-six grand-children. He
lives in the northwest part of this, Pike county.

Both of these old men are good, honest, upright men, and no doubt will
enter upon eternal life when they quit this mortal life.

                            Yours respectfully,

                               Geo. W. Logan

Murfreesboro, May 9, 1883.

Southern Standard, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, May 12, 1883. Newspaper item
provided by Alan B. Syler.

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