J.C. Roden

                        Old Citizens of Pike County.                         
Next we give the name of J.C. Roden, who was born in 1801, come to this
county several years since, and settled near Gray's Ferry, on the Little
Missouri, he also is a farmer, and has in the last few years paid out
between a thousand and twelve hundred dollars for the farm he now lives on.
He is a worthy member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, and is lively
and full of honor, etc.

We have been having court to our hearts content, two weeks of circuit
court, and now an adjourned term of the county court, for the benefit of
tax payers, so that they can get the scrip due for services rendered during
the late term of circuit court.

I will write again soon, as there are other men in this county that I want
to write about.

                            Yours respectfully,

                               Geo. W. Logan

Murfreesboro, April 24, 1883.
Southern Standard, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, May 5, 1883. Newspaper item
provided by Alan B. Syler.

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